Initial Setup

The settings in the following sections must be completed before you can start taking orders in your shop. Please go through each section carefully, ensuring you have completed the minimum requirements.

General Settings

Here you will set up your shop's general settings including specifying your shop's email address, currency, weights and measures in use, etc.

Tax Settings

Guide on how to complete your shop's tax settings including specifying whether prices include or exclude taxes.

Checkout Settings

Guide on how to complete your shop's checkout settings including display of business form fields in the checkout form, how to handle cart abandonment, etc.

Country Tax Rates

Adding countries to your shop as well as their tax rates and optionally, tax overrides.


Guide about adding shipping information to your shop including shipping zones, fees, rates and countries.

Wrapping Up

If you have completed all the above sections, congratulations! You have a fully functional shop backend/admin. If you want, you can start creating products to test your new shop. If your shop will only be creating manual orders, your work is done (after you add some products, of course 😀).

For instructions on how to display your products on the frontend and how to create a checkout flow that creates orders and accepts payments, please refer to the frontend documentation. For information on how to use your shop's admin/backend, please refer to the admin documentation