Customising Partial Templates Markup

Padloper will output minimal markup for the checkout process and order confirmation. In order to do this, it utilises a number of templates (in the sense of partials or snippets). The locations and descriptions of what the files are used for are shown below.

If you wish to change any of the markup Padloper generates using the above templates, please do not directly edit these files as your changes will be overwritten during upgrades. Instead, create a folder called padloper in your /site/templates/ folder. You can then copy any of the partial template files you wish to amend to /site/templates/padloper/. Padloper will then load your amended partial template. For instance, to edit the cart-view.php partial template, copy it to /site/templates/padloper/cart-view.php.

Padloper Partial Templates/Snippets

Padloper Partial TemplateDescription
/site/modules/Padloper/templates/cart-add-product.phpRenders form that can be used to add products to customer cart/basket.


There is no requirement to use all of the Padloper partial templates listed above. For instance, you may wish to implement a custom cart-add and populate it using the $padloper variable. The two most important things are to make sure your form submits a product ID and that the form action submits to the correct URL Padloper is listening to. For instance, in the case of add products to cart, this will be /padloper/add/, i.e. $config->urls->root . "padloper/add/". Please have a look the code in the above partial templates files for more examples.