Shop Dashboard / Home

This is the landing page to your shop. At a glance, it shows you order information including latest orders, sales, average order value (AOV), etc.

The Shop Home dashboard (click to enlarge).

Navigation Drawer

The Navigation drawer (click to enlarge).

Navigation Drawer

Mini Dashboards

The mini dashboards display number of:

  • Open orders
  • Cancelled orders
  • Abandoned checkouts
  • Average items per order



Latest Orders

This table displays a limited number of the latest orders and their status.


Currently, it is not possible to click on an order to be taken to its order edit/view page.

Find Anything

Use this search field to find (almost) anything in the shop including products, orders, countries, shipping zones, categories, etc.


Currently, find anything search is only supported on the landing page. In a future release, the functionality will be made available to other shop admin pages.